Nancy Cary’s feature stories have appeared in local magazines and independent newspapers.  She’s published articles, reviews, book introductions, and guest columns in San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Magazine, The San Diego Reader, Let’s Talk Plants, and Rattle and book publications of City Works Press.  She has been a performing artist with the San Diego-based nonprofit So Say We All.

Nancy has published poetry, short stories, and personal essays.  Currently she is writing a novel that takes place in Ocean Beach and a rural East County community of San Diego between the great fires of 2003 and 2007.

As a founding board member of San Diego City Works Press (CWP), Nancy continues to support the press by promoting it at book fairs, such as San Diego City College’s Literary Book Fair and most recently at the American Writers’ Program Conference Book Fair held in Boston, March 2013. She proudly supports CWP members’ works and all of the writing submitted by community and national writers.

Here’s a list of some of her story performances and writing:


So Say We AllVAMP

“Are You Gonna Eat That?”  January 30, 2014.

Best of VAMP: ReVAMP. “Trouble in Paradise.”  December 26, 2013.

“Trouble in Paradise.”  September 26, 2013.

“America’s Finest City.”  May 30, 2013.


Books and Anthologies

Hunger and Thirst coverHunger and Thirst, Food Literature
Edited by Nancy Cary
Co-editors:  June Cressy, Ella deCastro Baron, Alys Masek, and Trissy McGhee

More than eighty contributors offer up unique views of food and drink, what we hunger for, what pains us, what sustains us, what brings us joy as individuals, as families, as a culture.  This collection of poetry, fiction, nonfiction and art invites you to sit at the collective table that we share as the human community.



Lavanderia coverLavandería. A Mixed Load of Women, Wash and Word.
Edited By DJ Watson and others.
Nancy Cary: “The Accordion Fold

Lavanderia is an experience in written word and photography. It highlights the universal ritual and common interaction of people….found between loads of laundry…it touches on everything from labor strikes and scrub boards to present day love affairs rinsed away in the automatic double loader…



Lantern tree coverLantern Tree:  Four Books of Poems, by Baron, Eudy, Linfor, and Youmans
Nancy Cary:  Introduction (9-43).

The voices of four San Diego poets meet at a crossroads of poetic traditions to contemplate home—home as a sense of place and a sense of self, home as much outside as it is inside.

City Works 2007
Nancy Cary:  “Cross Country Skiing Haiku”
“End of the Season”

Journalism:  Feature Stories and Reviews

SD Magazine cover“CSI:  San Diego…Kinda.”  San Diego Magazine, October 2006.






“MMMMM…Cruelty.”  San Diego CityBeat, December 7, 2005.

“Style Maker. Lara Matthews is Giving San Diego a Fashion Overhaul, one Thread
at a Time.”  San Diego CityBeat, August 24, 2005.

“Rhapsody in Plain Yellow” by Marilyn Chin. Reviewed by Nancy Cary in Rattle, Summer 2003.

“The Geography of Home” edited by Christopher Buckley etal.  Reviewed by
Nancy Cary in Rattle, Summer 2001.

“Why I Love Poinsettias” Nancy Cary.  Let’s Talk Plants.


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