This mid-century setting speaks to me–starkly inviting in its emptiness.  Waiting for company–yours. Waiting for something to be said.

Author photo_smallI live and write in Ocean Beach, the best little beach town in San Diego, California. I’m writing fiction and personal essays, but have been known to dabble in poetry and journalism.

When I’m not writing, I can be found in the garden and hanging out with family, friends (furry too), and my writing buddies.

I still love teaching, and for now my focus is creative writing and literature from a Peace Studies perspective.

Things I’ve Always Loved

Writing, music in my bedroom, summer, rearranging furniture, blue, garage sales, ice cream, long haired dogs, reading, creeks, cherries, back scratchers, coffee, all kinds of art, dirt, birds, history, poetry, spiritual reading in small doses, mid-century architecture and furniture, foreign movies, hair, canoeing, flowers, all kinds of music, French kisses, family history, the beach, sourdough bread, apricots, estate sales, baseball, diaries, sweaters, fishing, pie, philosophy, soft pillowcases, mysteries, berries, traveling, board games, hide and seek, boogie boarding,  sunbathing, tomatoes, rain, baths, trees, Superman, cake with good frosting, friendship…


19 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Great to see your blog debut Nancy. Rock on! I’ve recently, in last year, discovered the joys of furry friends- we adopted a shorthaired dogs and I now i am in love with shorthaired dogs.

    • Hey, I haven’t forgotten about our lunch date–remember having afternoon tea at Cafe Chloe downtown? Bring your pups and we’ll sit at an outdoor cafe!

  2. I always knew we were soul sisters, but who knew about the connection of pie, baseball and fishing? We have things to go do!
    Congratulations on the blog!

    • OK! How can we do all three? I’ve got it–we can get Padres baseball on a radio while we eat pie and dangle our fishing lines in the water. I still have a canoe. Say the word!

  3. Way to go, Nancy! I think your blog is a fabulous idea! I can hardly wait till all of our local berries, cherries, peaches, and fresh veggies are overflowing at our local markets! I’m also really looking forward to summer strolls down by the beach, here in Kelowna.

    I wish you the very best! 🙂

    • Thanks Raine! I didn’t know Kelowna was down by the beach so I have to look it up! So cool to have a Canadian friend reading my blog. How’s the piano life?

      • Yes. Our beaches are centered around Lake Okanagan. . . very beautiful, but lacking the incredible surf you have down there. It’s an extremely popular place in the summer for all of the water sports.

        Piano and tutoring are going very well and I’ve actually begun my very first art class and am having a ball with watercolours. Later on we’ll be introduced to acrylics. . . so much fun!

  4. Hi Nancy. Sounds like we ave a lot in common its nice to hear from you . I’m less into writing more into doing art. Somewhat the same just another form of expression. Had a nice day with the girls from ceramics. Have to head out to dinner. Peace. Andy and Jeff

  5. Congratulations on your blog! I read with interest about ‘Neighborhood’ in SD and will look forward to more great writing. Nice!

  6. Aha! I am also Nancy Cary. It appears that we share more than just a name in common. No worries, I am a high school teacher and want to keep my online life separate from my work life so I never use my real name. I look forward to reading the adventures and thoughts of a fellow “Nancy Cary!”

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